touch unlock
remote smart control
New Design
Lock body adopts firmed aluminum alloy, inner adopts completely enclosed design , make the lock more waterproof
military quality
hard lock beam adopts special stainless steel ,introduce Japanese high technology, make high hardness surface.
Safe and reliable verification method
Independent research and development of fingerprint encryption algorithm chip
variant lock choice
No matter where you go

when power less than 20%, APP will send a reminder. If battery runs out , charge paI or moblile phone can be used for temporary charge.
Make preparations for future
O6 carries bluetooth 4.0 communication technology, and fully use it to achieve connections through Nokelock APP
App Nokelock APP
Nokelock APP , a strong application procedure, you can find in App Store. You can browse all information can function through APP,including fingerprint addings, sharing machines, unlcoking records, sharing records.That all makes a perfect O6.
sharing device

Permissions shared through APP management interface . By remote control, you are no longer bothered.