先于时代 一触开锁
  We're always having a dream. We expect to create a padlock that has the right fingerprint panel, which makes it open instantly if touching. It's so smart that you can authorize your friend to unlock it if your friend wants to unlock the lock but you're not beside. This idea come true with O3 launched. Now, let us see it.
New Design
The body is made of the strongest aluminum alloy and is designed to withstand water and dust.
Safe and reliable verification method
你的手指,现在就是你的密码。指纹 ID 功能为设备解锁和身份验证带来了一种安全、私密的新方式。
Touch fingerprint sensor
Self-developed CPU-Nokelock chip is placed in a small space with extreme speed processing. Compared with smart locks in the market, it make it true to unlock in second.
Protect you by your finger

In order to meet the daily needs in the world, the body of O1 integrates powerful charging technology. If battery is low power and you are outside, you can also use micro-b interface to open the lock in case of emergency.
Get ready for the future
O3 is with bluetooth 4.0 communication technology。 Nokelock APP take full advantage of this technology to make it connect and unlock in second . There is no need to wait in the future, just start to get it.
App Nokelock APP
Nokelock App is a powerful application that help you play with O3. You can search it in App market or App Store directly . You can browse and use all the information and functions about the device in Nokelock APP, including changing the password, sharing the device, unlocking record and sharing the record and so on. This makes O3 climb to a new peak.
Share your permission

You can share the permissions of the device in the interface of Management device. It will allow you to remote authorize without bother.