NB-IOT Internet Hotel Lock
Designed specifically for house management
  • Mobile’s APP to
    manage multiple locks
  • administrator privileges
    released by remote operation
  • Release one-time password
  • Delete and authorize
    password by remote operation
  • Unlock with one button
    operation in mobile
  • keep track of lock status
    and room-accessrecords
Management under
APP without effort
Scan to unlockeasy management
authorize friendsconvenient operations
Download Nokelock’APP and sign up.Then you can
unlock with one button in mobile phone
Searching in a second
Scan means binding completed
Authorizing in a second
Add friends being authorizer
volume authorization possible
Query in a second
Check unlocking & authorize & alarm records possible
Repeal rights in a second
If expiration of authorization period
Remove permissions with one button
Room information
instant on-line

Dynamics of housing / Inventory information / Battery capacity
WI-FI signals / Door lock’s base state information / Door lock’s base state information
Each room with a password / Real-time access management
Unlock with one-button,more convenient,more safe
Use APP to unlock丨Scan code to unlock丨Use password to unlock丨Use card to unlock丨Use key to unlock
Use APP to unlock
Scan code to unlock
Use password to unlock
Use card to unlock
Use key to unlock
allocation for secondary permission
release administrator privileges by customer settings

Users can release administrator privileges long-distance with mobile, allocating others permissions to manager doorlock. Users who have been authorized can unlock with one-button in mobile
SWEDEN FPC liver fingerprint sensor
Recognition rate is 2 times of normal fingerprint,that the elderly and children ‘s fingerprint easily recognized. It improved fingerprint recognition rate at the same time