Keyless make your life convenient
About us
Shenzhen Nokelock is founded in 2015,three 80’s founders of which found a disruptive innovative enterprise,initiate leading IOT platform, build up a keyless life style.
Nokelock is oriented by customer,move up bike-sharing market,rebuild commercial mode,solve user,industry, society’s pain point. Nokelock persistently insist on independent in R&D and application ,complete the strategic layout of smart bike lock,door lock,padlock,cabinet lock.

Nokelock is state high-tech enterprise,as both software product and software service provider that won ISO quantity certification and NB-IOT award. Nokelock is also awarded top 20 high-tech enterprise in 2018 with 50 more prize in fields of invention,outlook,software, and it leads the industry with 100 patent application of each year.

Nokelock provides global users an open platform,has made free access to 100+ enterprise users, 10+ service industry, build up vertical mall Nokelock service 16 country with app and application under nokelock with registered users exceeding 3,000,000

Four items for go-out: body,hand,keys,money. Iphone changes mobile phone,wechat changes wallet. Nokelock will change keys. It’s vision to get rid off keys ,create a better life.

Nokelock values
Nokelock values    Creation-oriented     Focusing on words and deeds    Striving for excellence
Striving for excellence
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